Who We Are

Message from our Founder

Mr S.Harikumar Founder, Sri Aathma Yoga

I chose the art of yoga to serve people by making them disease free, lead a happy, healthy and long life. Yoga is the art of healing. But unfortunately, many people who practice yoga does not find a cure for their diseases or expected results. Our intention is to reach people with yoga asanas that can cure everyone’s ailments.

In olden days a person started suffering from diseases once he grows older. But nowadays even the young generation people started suffering from different diseases. This situation must change. Everyone irrespective of age should lead a healthy life without any disease.

Instead of spending money on illness, you should spend your money by living happily with your family. Also, we need to create a society free of any crimes such as drunkenness, murder, robbery, rape and child sexual abuse. These can be achieved only through the art of yoga. I chose this path to boost everyone’s physical and mental health.


  • To remove the fear of aging from people’s mind. Despite their age, they are young enough to do their jobs themselves. Also, to remove the thoughts that mother and father are burdensome to the children.
  • To remove Murder, Robbery, Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, all of these things from their roots and the art of three-dimensional yoga makes us realize that happiness is not the pleasure that comes from unwanted actions or drinking alcohol, but the pleasure comes from love, affection, friendship available in the family and from people around us.


  • We chose the yoga path to protect our human race from disease.
  • The art of yoga is a healing art but many people who practice yoga does not find a cure for their diseases or expected results. We chose this art because we researched, explored and discovered yoga asanas that could cure everyone’s illness. Our goal is to make every people to avail the benefits from yoga.
  • In olden days a person started suffering from diseases once he grows older. But nowadays even the young generation people started suffering from different diseases. We are serving to make young and old lead a healthy life without any disease.

The five elements (pancha bhootam) of the nature,

  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Air
  4. Water
  5. Space

Our body made up of these five elements which created by the natural God. So, the strength of the thoughts that arise in our body is very high. Here, in Sri Aathma Yoga we make those who comes to us with disease, to realize the root cause of their disease. We help them to overcome from the disease and make them realize the proper ways to stay disease-free for the rest of their lives.

The God has created human beings as holy beings. He has given the sixth sense only to this sacred human being. We have a sense of belonging only if body and soul are united. We can have food, sleep and do our favorite work only when body and soul are together. To keep them together our body’s organs, need to be strong. Our body’s organs need to be strong enough in order to lead a happy, healthy and long life. The strength of the body’s organs depends on how we take care of our body. To maintain those, we need to practice the three-dimensional Yoga Varma art.

Sometimes our body gets tired. This is because the internal organs become weak. Why does that strength of the internal organs diminish? Because the requirements are not available. The internal organs need food.  After we consume our food, over the next few hours the food will be digested and turned into energy. And then we go to our next job.

Similarly, our mind gets tired and it feels hungry. At that time unnecessary thoughts, needless worries, inferiority complex, arrogance etc. All this will distract our mind. Some peoples mind become obsessed with drugs. Our mind becomes stronger in those unnecessary thoughts. So, we need to weaken those strong thought on unnecessary things.

So, what are the necessary things?

We exist only because our body and soul are connected.  Feelings exists only because our body and soul are connected. So, the ultimate need is our body and soul. We need to strengthen our thoughts on those things. For that we need to give a proper food to our mind. And there is a food that can strengthen our mind.

We may have the question of what is the food for our mind and where to find it?

Silence is the food for our mind. We may think of going to a quiet place. Some may go to beach, temples and meditation halls to find silence. But most of them would not have attained peace. This is because the silence available in beach, temples, meditation halls belong to nature. The silence we create around us by ourselves is the only food for our mind. We don’t need to go to a quiet place despite being in a crowded place we can create silence.

You may think how can you make silence when you hear lot of noises?

Our consciousness unites with silence. For ex, sometimes while we are walking, we may not notice people whom we know.  Even though they are visible enough we may not notice. This is because all our thoughts are focused on the work we are going to do. Sometimes while crossing road, we may not notice the vehicles. This is because we focus only on going to another end.

Similarly, even though we may be surrounded with lot of noise we can focus our mind and attain silence. This can be achieved if the internal organs of our body are strong. If they are weak there will be struggles.

  • Proper food
  • Deep breathing
  • Daily exercise
  • Meditation
  • Walking

Follow these five. You can strengthen your internal organs and create silence around you anywhere even while travelling in a crowded bus and strengthen your mind.

We should keep all the internal organs happy. We need to consider all the organs in our body, i.e., blood vessels, nerves, bones, brain, heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, spleen, gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, colon, kidney, muscle, skin etc., as a separate living being. We need to give proper attention to them. All the internal organs of our body have development and that is metabolism. Only if all the internal organs are happy, our thoughts, words and deeds will not harm ourselves and others. Those who have lived so far have lived in the grip of disease because they have not utilized their sixth sense completely. Diseases can cause family problems, unwanted thoughts, anxiety, fear, anger, humility, and toxic pride.

The sixth sense is capable of acting automatically. Sixth sense can be activated only by uniting the strength and the feelings of our internal body organs. Sixth sense will also make us aware of the vulnerability of murder, robbery, rape, and child sexual abuse, evil effect of alcohol and the need for us to live happily in his or her family without hurting others physically or emotionally. We teach everyone the art of living in harmony with family for a long life without disease, by using the power of the body organs that automatically activate the sixth sense in their mind, energy and feeling.